Centrifugal Blower - VC70Q

Description :  Centrifugal Blower - VC70Q

The centrifugal blowers serial VC are widely used in refrigerating, household appliances, heating, ventilating and air conditioning.
They provide high pressure and high fl ow rate air stream.
The air outlet on the models VC 70Q and VC 100 A is fl anged with holes for easy fastening to any duct.
The sturdy housing construction allows good resistance to strains.
The centrifugal blowers type VC can be used both as exhaust fans or propelling fans.
The suction side has a curved nozzle for maximum effi ciency and noise reduction.
Larger blowers (VC 150 – 164 W : upon volume request) are such that the motor is cooled by the air incoming from the suction side.
An ample lubricating oil reservoir on sleeve bearings ensures long operating life.
We suggest horizontal shaft mounting for best operation.
Certifi cation CE, EN 60335-1 and RoHS (UL/CSA recognition and/or VDE conformity certification are also available upon volume request).

Technical Data :  Centrifugal Blower - VC70Q

General Characteristics
Power Supply230 V - 50/60Hz
Current260 mA
Supply ConnectionsCosses Faston
Working Temperature-10° to +60°C
Wheel materialGlass fiber nylon
Rotation speed2480 rpm
Outlet flow rate70 m³/h
Motor Power26 W
Pressure max.51 Pa
Weight0.9 kg
Ø Wheel70 mm
Wheel length46 mm
Ø Air intake (diameter)59 mm
Ø Air outlet size36 x 55 mm

Schema :  Centrifugal Blower - VC70Q

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Schema - VC70Q

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