Fan Motor with rings - TF MV16W250A

Description :  Fan Motor with rings - TF MV16W250A

The TF MV serial motors with ring is shaded pole motors with single phase, 4 shaded poles and running at rated voltage of 220-240V – 50/60 Hz.
They are widely used in the radiator, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment.
Lubricating oil is authorizing a long service life.
Motors are supplied with electrical wire, aluminium fan blade, all complete screw and in individual box.
Standard motors are delivered with sucking blade.
Blowing model on demand.

Technical Data :  Fan Motor with rings - TF MV16W250A

General Characteristics
Power Supply 230 V - 50 Hz
Current 0.50 A
Connections VDE 3x 0.5mm² lead wire, 2.00m length
Working Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Motor Protection Impedance protected
Fan blades 250 - 28°
Rotation CCW
looking towards the shaft
Rotation speed 1300 rpm
Power in/out 38W / 16W
Protection Class IP42 Classe H
Case Aluminium, Sleeve bearings
lubricating oil: Permawick 284#
Weight 1.850Kg

Schema :  Fan Motor with rings - TF MV16W250A

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Schema - TF MV16W250A

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