Universal type Motor 34W - TF M34W 380V
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Description :  Universal type Motor 34W - TF M34W 380V

The TF M serial motors are widely used in the radiator, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment.
Because our standard motors type TF M adopt universal fixations they are totally suitable for any replacement of motors on the market
- Double possibilities of fixation at the front and/or at the back with 3 screw holes
- Universal fixation type TF SMH
- Fixation at the bottom.

Lubricating oil is authorizing a long service life.
Motors are supplied in individual box, with electrical cable and all complete screw.

Technical Data :  Universal type Motor 34W - TF M34W 380V

General Characteristics
Power Supply 380 V - 50 Hz
Current 0.50 A
Connections VDE 3x 0.5mm² lead wire, 500mm length
Working Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Motor Protection Thermal protected
T° >135°C ± 5°C
Fan diameter usable 300-28°
Rotation CCW
looking towards the shaft
Rotation speed 1300 rpm
Bracket supports on request
Power 120W
Motor Power 34W
Protection Class IP42 Classe B
Case Aluminium, Sleeve bearings
lubricating oil: Permawick 284#
Weight 2.15 Kg

Schema :  Universal type Motor 34W - TF M34W 380V

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Schema - TF M34W 380V

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