Crossflow Blower  - VT60-90

Description :  Crossflow Blower - VT60-90

The cross-flow blowers serial VT provide low velocity and quiet air stream with moderate pressure.
They are widely used in all refrigeration equipments.
The standard electric insulation is Class F (on request you can also have Class H accordingly to volume).
The standard range has 60 mm diameter fan impeller, but on request (volume) you can also have 45 mm fan impeller range for a room saving blower, or 65 mm, 80 mm diameter fan impeller range when you look for extra quiet operation.
Standard operation in horizontal position.
An ample lubricating oil reservoir on sleeve bearings ensures long operating life.
Special versions for very dusty or very wet areas are available on volume request.
The VT serial bears the CE mark and are manufactured according to EN 60335-1 and RoHS requirements (UL/CSA recognition and/or VDE conformity certification are also available upon volume request).

The VT serial is equipped with,
• pole single-phase shaded-pole motor 230V – 50 Hz
• galvanized sheet metal bower housing
• Supply connection by Faston

Technical Data :  Crossflow Blower - VT60-90

General Characteristics
Power Supply 230 V - 50/60Hz
Supply Connections Faston 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Working Temperature -10° to +60°C
Wheel Blower number 1
Fan impeller fixation Lubrificating oil
on sleeve bearings
Motor position right
Rotation speed 1900 rpm
Outlet flow rate 60 m³/h
Power 13 W
Motor Power 18 W
Pressure max. 60 Pa
Weight 0,70 Kg
Ø Wheel 60 mm
Wheel length 90 mm
Air outlet size 97 mm

Schema :  Crossflow Blower - VT60-90

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Schema - VT60-90

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